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I had that same thought, that a radio program would be a fantastic resource to REFER PEOPLE TO. Exactly! "Listen to this for an hour and then give me a call..." Yes, it's the reasoning behind these things that is hard to argue with!

For instance, did you see the interesting DP post on the morality/legality of "price gouging?" (I was particularly interested because my town was hit hard by this recent hurricane, and that issue's been discussed.) Almost anyone's first thought would be that price gouging was terrible, at the very least immoral. Yet after just a short explanation, well, it's not such a black and white issue after all!

And that's right about RP being a true honest patriot. Even people I know who said they wouldn't vote for him (mostly because a) they disagreed with his foreign policy, or b) they thought he couldn't win) DID agree that he was one of the few HONEST politicians. I think that *removed from the arena of presidential elections* many who even may not have supported his candidacy would gladly listen to what Ron Paul had to say. (And likely come to wish they HAD supported him!) In any event, yes, more people would start to wake up about some of these issues that the msm has kept people in the dark about.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
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