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Rove should have gone to jail

Rove should have gone to jail ages ago, over his vindictive role in the Ambassador Wilson affair for illegally outing Valerie Plame as a CIA operative. That actually sabotaged a long term legitimate op the US intelligence was doing in Iran. Instead he further embedded itself in the GOP power structure, and pulled down tens of millions finding soft money to back his pro-war, pro-bankster loser candidates.

Perhaps the pitch of the liberty movement to the Republican rank and file henceforth should be to point to the two-cycle GOP losers who have left real conservatives high and dry in defeat, but deep in compromise, debt and empire. We should also remember to emphasize the lack of enthusiasm the Rove-set of establishment moderates generate among the party base---we now know the evangelicals and social conservatives will NOT come running to vote for the McCains or Romneys, but likely stay home along with the liberty Republicans, until a real candidate comes along.