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The Liberty Community...

should be united against the PTB on this issue. But fighting over whether the world temperature rises or falls 1 degree or or 5 degrees over the next century doesn't really matter. A real free market and a just society wouldn't allow pollution on my private property, so it would be a lot cleaner than we have it today.

The question we should be asking governments and scientists is this: If there is global warming (could be global cooling, doesn't matter, the argument is whether or not humans affect the environment), then why does the government PROMOTE it through:
- oil subsidies,
- farm subsidies,
- all sorts of pro-corporate crony junk
that obviously has a much stronger negative effect on the environment than any number of priuses or LEDs ever could have a positive effect?

The problem is government. Free the market and we'll naturally gravitate towards alternative energy because it will be cheaper in the long run.