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You Are Of Course Right...-62 and Climbing

If someone like me with limited background in all of these major areas can recognize when I am being mentored by someone like Octo Boxer I do not understand why more do not.

Several years ago I was first intrigued by him and asked some questions. He trusted me enough to say.."shhh. I am hunting wabbits." I never forgot that and also am grateful that he stops here from time to time and "hunts wabbits." But he will lose his perseverance I am afraid when there are no more "wabbits" which I interpret to mean those who are open to being challenged and thinking in directions they have never thought before and welcoming the opportunity. I, for one will always be that kind of "wabbit" and welcome OctoBox-type reality jolts....pointing out that my thinking just might be in error.

Like you I am discouraged by the resistance to "start" with the obvious and reality. It almost seems that we are just starting round three of same old same old.

Power and, too, have shown those qualities by continuing to provide this mixed bag forum. Thank you.