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The reason is because there

The reason is because there has not been global warming, there has been Northern hemisphere warming and a slight Southern hemisphere cooling. When you combine the two into one average, yes there has been global warming, but doing so is not accurate in determining many things....

Why would the North warm at the same time the South cools? Because WATER VAPOR accounts for 95% of the greenhouse gas effect, while CO2 accounts for less than 3%. One of the major contributors to increasing water vapor in the atmosphere-perspiring vegetation. Take a look at a global map and see within which hemisphere the majority of the worlds vegetation lies. It in the north. Not only that, but in the north you find far more people growing vegetation simply because its pleasing to the eye. Its only been in the last couple of decades that people and businesses have widely begun to install lavish landscaping along with extravagant irrigation systems that water everyday, 7 days a week. That combined with "Smokey the Bear-dont' let a tree burn down" and "save the world-plant a tree", the northern hemisphere has had a vast expansion of vegetation in the last couple of decades.

This expansion of vegetation, combined with a warmer sun over the last decade, results in higher global temperatures, in the NORTH. But the Southern hemisphere with its lower atmospheric water vapor content has not seen the same rise in temperatures.

Their models don't predict this because the global warming alarmist conveniently leave water vapor out of their models, despite that fact that water vapor accounts for 95% of green house gases...

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