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Comment: You do know Chuck Baldwin returned to the GOP?

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You do know Chuck Baldwin returned to the GOP?

And YES, BOTH parties have been infiltraited and manipulated by a gloabl elite with the goal of a New World Order global government.

I recall back in 96 when Ralph Nader said there was no difference between parties.. boy was he slammed.. but now, it's as if he was prophetic because even someone who complete disagrees with Nader on every single thing he ever did, can agree with him on the "duopoly", a term he coined BTW.

By all means if the broken Constitution Party, known as the American Independet Party here in CA, where the Constitution Party is NOT a registered party, but nominates the same presidential candidates every election, enjoy. (I sure hope you are not thinking that folks here are going to make the Constitution Party a major party?)

I suggested chanting USA because that is what they chanted to drown out Ron Paul's name on the RNC floor, and thought they should know.. we are here and can chant USA too, after all, aren't we for the USA.. and aren't many of them being manipulated and duped into a NWO?

I think you know, there is no future in the Constitution Party. Check it out, Chuck Baldwin returned to the GOP and is now supporting Repiublicans.

The GOP, IMO, is the only thing keeping us from a NWO.. and that's because the elite want the GOP as a gap stop to bail them out if some nation like China takes the upper hand.. as usual they can blame wee the people / Republicans.. Ron Paul Republicans specifically.

BTW I supported Dan Roberts for congress in my district, and he won the GOP and the American Independent nominations, and that was listed on the ballot. Dan told me about his 40 minute conversation with Ron Paul, who he likes very much. Dan's heart is in the AI Party, but unlike you, Dan KNOWS, like Ron Paul's first campaign slogan that Obama stole, "Hope for America", is the GOP.

Finally.. I find your use of the term "leftist" over the top, to the point, you are losing your point and making one thing clear, you have no tolerance for those you believe are leftist, to the point of it being unhealthy. I am no fan of Democrats or the majority of Republicans, and agree with you.. they are both way too far left.. but I'm not going to freak out like you. Ron Paul set the stage and that's the one I'm on in the GOP and I don't always like it, it's not easy, but it's the real shot we actually have.