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Delvin...Hope More Read

...what you put in bold as yet another way of thinking rounds is that we now are at the very beginning of Round Three. The message ran for two election terms. The message is now running again.

However, it seems that what has been honed is divisiveness..rather than finding points of agreement and recognizing that the reality is...until we are willing to respectfully listen to others and, if need be, change our way of thinking, how can we expect others to.

I remember when I was very reluctant to post articles. Sometimes you post at the wrong time of day and your post just slides down. Sometimes it is attacked in such a manner that it becomes irrelevant (LOL...if it was ever relevant in the first place). Sometimes it is popular and sometimes not. However, "sometimes" you feel better knowing that in all your struggle to understand (and your reality check that you do not have the ultimate answer) you have at least put it down in writing. And, ever now and then you connect with someone who throws you a gem ie feeds on what you said and adds a gem or points out that there might be another way of looking at things.

My advice to you is whenever you feel personally you have reached a new threshold or scaffolding in your understanding...write it down and post it. And, never be overly sensitive (sometimes difficult for me) in what happens. You see, preaching to the choir IS a waste of time. Sometimes the choir is signing the wrong song. In those rare cases where the choir song is headed in the right needs more notes (individual thoughts expressed) to take it to the level of an (always incomplete) symphony of truth.

Forgive me... I waxed poetic! Have a bit of an obsession with the old metaphor of individual notes in a symphony. To not post your thoughts is like mouthing the words and letting everyone else sing.
Peace...and thank you for your thoughts on this thread.