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How can the "State" have an opinion on anything?

The fallacy of "government" (more specifically the fallacy of authority; see Larken Rose) is at the root of all societal problems. There is no such thing as "the government", any more than there is such thing as Santa Claus. Sure, there are people who call themselves "government" (because one other person who calls themselves "government" "appointed" them, or a small portion of society "voted" for them), but that doesn't magically transform the abstract construct of "government" into a living, breathing, reasoning entity with any right to "authority" over the individual (at least not unless the individual offers his or her consent).

Voluntarism is the only answer, and for me (and many others I suspect) this is the core of Dr. Paul's message, no matter how often he brings up the Constitution (a document that none of us witnessed or signed).

As Ernest Hancock always says, "I Declare My Independence! And I didn't even need a government form!"