Comment: Thanks, but no, thanks.

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Thanks, but no, thanks.

Thanks, but no, thanks.

I'll keep defending the truth and sustaining my family here, in the USA, I won't let die.

Mr Thrive and Survive made a point I trust re: what's going on in Asia, too :

As bad as the situation is here for decades, let us not forget that America had the longest taste of Liberty and prosperity in man History.

I know all too well the statism of Europe to ignore that the craving for Liberty over there will not get anywhere close any time soon to the one of my fellow Americans realizing they are losing it after that taste of it.

Why would I even bother being an immigrant otherwise ? I know We The People can have this Phoenix be born again out of the ashes, eventually.

The fight is here and now and for tomorrow. For Liberty be restored the day after tomorrow.

I know the road will be tough, but the path had already been drawn. I have hard times to believe Asia ever had this luck so far, though I sure pray for their good people they will get there some day, too.


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