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What Is UpSetting To Me that this article is now approaching the most down-voted in DP history.

I was hoping that as more commented and agreed, even in part, there would be a movement in the other direction.

Yes, it will take a very long time; even longer if people are not able to digest the reality of our current situation and be willing to not only be "teachable", but also to listen to those who have studied the demise of the USA for decades and have a wisdom perspective to offer.

As long as we have so many who do not read past an article title and "vote" their "superior" knowledge, we are hardly teachable. Optimism has its place and I am very much an optimist when I think (and I usually do) of 'in the fullness of time" and ponder what transitions could/should take place to change the current rather dismal paradigm.

Yes, we have a "message" to sell-in which will require quite a shift for most. However, people should also realize that even Ron Paul only gave the watered down version of "the message" ... a simplified layer he felt might be digestible by enough people to start a movement in the right direction. Strong possibility that he would agree with most of what OctoBox said. Also, possibility they know each other.