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I think of that old parable about the blind man "feeling" the elephant and "guessing" what was beyond that perception. If he felt the tail, it appeared to be one thing...the trunk, another, etc. The blind man might just as well have been feeling a donkey...or a libertarian..or a liberal...or a conservative..or even someone coming 100% from a religious perspective.

At this point it is just the "controllers" and the "controlled." In my opinion, the best move might be for all of us to recognize just how meaningless the "labels" have become, because the "labels" have become an easily manipulated trap fueled by people being easily fooled and thinking they have a choice.

Least I am misunderstood, I am NOT advocating forming yet another mixed bag "label." If we could get past the easily hyjacked and purposely confusing "labels'...we might be in a better position to agree on the next step forward.