Comment: Your frustrations are

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Your frustrations are

Your frustrations are misguided. It is first and foremost, none of your business who anyone votes for except for you. Secondly, there are people in the community, yourself included, who put a lot of time and thought into deciding who they should vote for. There is no perfect candidate, and individuals on this site chose accordingly to who best suited their conscience. And finally, whether you voted for Johnson or wrote in Ron Paul, you had to know neither would win. I for one voted for Ron Paul because Johnson said we should fight "humanitarian wars" and because I have never run across a political candidate who has so firmly grasped the concepts of a free society and consistently acted on them as Ron Paul did. Those are my reasons and they have nothing to do with you. It would be much more beneficial to not turn on each other, and gear up to get a Paul the Republican nomination in 2016.