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To answer your last question;

To answer your last question; you don't. If someone refuses to be "taught" then you let it go. I have two sisters, my older sister wouldn't leave the democratic party if I paid her a million dollars to do so. My younger sister approached me and asked me about different options for this election and I guided her in the direction of the libertarian option. I also did not teach her anything I showed her an option and she liked it.

I think when you use the word teach you are implying too much. Very few people can be taught to change their political views, but a lot of people are open to new ideas every now and then.

I have a friend who I never would have thought would even consider anything other than the democrats, but this year he voted straight libertarian ticket after months of political converstion between him and I. I never pushed anything or made him watch this or that, we simply talked about ideas, I told him about my ideas and the libertarian idea and he came around.

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