Comment: "Everyone Should Own A Little. Can They ? Will They ?"

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"Everyone Should Own A Little. Can They ? Will They ?"

"Everyone Should Own A Little. Can They ? Will They ?"

I have already stated my position on this but I have another remark.

To whomever still in tedious doubt, watch the video linked from :

Then ask yourself :

1. which other country was ever created from a foundational text as appealing as the Bill of Rights, for those who can read into History ?

2. in which other country The People still has the freedom to be aware if they choose so, and to stack on silver and/or gold ?

3. where is the vast majority of Youtube posters stacking on those PMs from, sharing and debating knowledge thereof ?

4. how do the answers to the same questions #1 to #3 for China and India compare, for the proportion of their people above the poverty line ?

None of these are easy to answer with strong accuracy but the few clues I got from my own awareness were enough for my choice.



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