Comment: Oh I lack education about libertarianism?

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Oh I lack education about libertarianism?

"Police can all be privately contracted and were for years before state control."

Those are called "hired goons", and they serve the man who signs their check, and you want that to be anybody who's willing to pay.

Like I said; Warlord Vs Warlord in a free market. Anarchists can't explain themselves.

"It's escaping the state's yoke that is the goal"

Escaping the yoke of any man who'd put one on you should be the goal, and that's the whole reason we created government to begin with. Government force only has one legitimate purpose; defend liberty.

Yes, put me on the yoke of liberty, and I'll plow the field where I'm the owner of my own mind, body, and labor.

Libertarianism; sign me up.