Comment: For those that believe in geology...

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For those that believe in geology...

in college my thesis was comprised of the study of rocks from Kansas. These rocks were made up of about 95% skeletal components of single celled phytoplankton, which still thrive in today's oceans. The only place these organisms can live is in the ocean.

Therefore, we can easily conclude that what is now Kansas, in the middle of the North American continent, was under water when the sediment forming these rocks was deposited. In fact, there was open ocean from the Gulf of Mexico, through the middle of the continent, to the northern pacific to the west. The mountainous areas remained out of water, of course.

Again, if you believe in geology, these rocks are roughly 90 million years old. We can date the rocks both from knowing what geological era that these particular species of fossils lived in, and radiometrically from the ash beds that are frequently inter layered with the other sediments.

So... bottom line, climate change and sea level fluctuations have been happening throughout geological history. Is there climate change? Of course... it would be crazy to expect climate to remain steady throughout time. Is climate change caused by man? I can't say it is or isn't for sure, but I have my doubts. We know that there are scientists whose jobs depend on trying to prove that man is the culprit, so for sure there is bogus, biased science out there.

IMO... legislation due to climate change is absolutely nuts.

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