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Thanks Rocketman

...I read that very informative article as well. Sure puts things in perspective...much of what we already felt, but adding more info.

I am fascinated by (and confused as well) that the "real" story on so many fronts has become "very" accessible. You don't even have to dig so much any more. Often it is found on semi-mass media internet articles, blogs and comments.

Suppose it is very similar phenomenon to what happens on the DP sometimes when a "reality pill" of truth people do not want to hear is down-voted, ignored or attacked.

"Somebody"..."somebodies" are sure counting on apathy and ignorance. I still know many middle and upper management folks who "think" that by staying away from Fox and "only" listening to PBS for "balanced and unbiased" news, they are getting the real story. Invariably they are absolutely certain that we have to bomb the snot out of Iran to save the world from nuclear disaster. Sheesh.

Mention the innocent people and the children and how "collateral damage" is an obsolete phrase and their eyes glaze over as they say, "war is ugly."