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No worries

No worries Denise, I was not horribly offended, I just have been accused of not understanding history on this site a lot lately, when in reality I am writing a masters on economic history. I am not just following textbooks either I am looking into Austrian economics and free market capitalism through the eyes of literary history and dystopias.

I agree, history has shown us some scary things, but I am not afraid and we cannot be afraid. I posted yesterday that I just came back to this site after being gone overseas and working a million hours on a thesis and regular work. It had been months since I had been here, adn when I came back this weekend, I felt like I was watching a horrible combination of fox and msnbc news throwing scare tactics left and right.

I also wrote how my younger sister came here yesterday for the first time as a college student who spread the word this campaign season on her campus. Withing five miuntes of her being her she (not her personally because she did not create an account, but her ideas) was called a sheep and it was implied that an idea she agreed with was not libertarian enough. Now, she is still all for the liberteraian movement, but I think if we act like the mainstream media we so despise using name calling, scare tactics, and finger pointing we could scare away a more timid new potential voter than my younger sister.