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New Jersey Shark – 1916 attack inspired book & Jaws movie.

The New Jersey Shark (of book & movie legend) – In 1916, little was known about sharks of any kind, and some scientists claimed that sharks were not dangerous at all. Most shark attacks were isolated incidents, however five people were attacked within a few days of each other with only one survivor. On July 14th of 1916 a young female Great White Shark was captured in the Raritan Bay near the Matawan Creek. Human remains were said to be found in her stomach, giving the Great Whites the terrible reputation as man eaters. Others believe that the attacks were the work of Bull Sharks. Either way, the panic and media frenzy inspired Peter Benchley’s most famous novel, Jaws, which was later adapted into a movie by Steven Spielberg.

1916. Photograph of the Shark that took the blame:

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