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Hi jrd-We Talked Yesterday

And, I am increasingly interested in your perception because

1.You have some first-hand experience with the political climate, optimism vs. pessimism and opportunities for movement growth from the standpoint not only of a college student, but also one who comes into contact with department heads (ie graduate student level). You also have the experience of your younger sister's under-graduate college experience with those drawn to liberty issues and interested in the true state of the country/world. (Two people/same family/different schools/different ages ...similar views politically)

2. Your current areas of academic pursuits helps form your world view and you are in the process of integrating your continuing knowledge of historical economics with your understanding of the current economic situation.

3. You are also integrating your understanding of the cultural interests and factors at play during the time various economic systems were at play.

4. You do not see an end of the world scenario anytime soon, more change even a little bit of the frog in the pot as the temperature is increasing. Therefore, you are looking at solutions because you "plan" on living here for some time and can look forward to solutions or movement in the direction of solutions. You are not folding...not close.

Given 1-4 I am intrigued by this comment you made because it seems to contain conviction.

You said: "Young people will be heading our way in massive numbers that simply cannot be ignored and the only way they won't jump on board is if we push them away with name calling, finger pointing, and fear mongering tactics that the country is becoming sick of no matter what party they are from."

Assuming we will "not" push them away and will learn to avoid political labels and out-grow name calling and vitriol, here are my questions for you:

A. What will drive young people toward liberty in massive numbers?
What are their major concerns, hot buttons, turn-off buttons as far as issues?
B. What economic changes do you foresee, in lieu of the past, and due to a combination of culture, climate and current mistakes?
C. Do you see any easing in academia...professors (department heads generally do much consulting work for corporations)...towards encouraging free thought and open minds? Will these economic changes and academic climate be factors in young people heading our way?

Thanks in advance. I know that is a huge series of questions. Even if you only have time to address briefly, I am interested in your response.