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I almost left after this weekend, but I decided to stay and fight for liberty.

Ok, lets assume we DO NOT push these voters away, this is what I believe and stand firmly beside.

-Young people have grown increasingly tired of war and overseas agression. Young people from around the world. These young people are starting to see both parties as war parties and will be looking for new options.
-The economic changes is the biggest issue we have to face and the hardest for me to address. We need to find a way to get back to a more laisez farre style of economics. I do not see that under this president, however, at the rate we are going, I just see growing debt and inflation. Those are not good things, but they will not usher in a Hitler controlled state of being.
-In the world of academia I have found most support in my advocation for free market economics from a clearly democratic professor who said I could write whatever I wanted to and argue any point I wanted to as long as I researched it and supported it well. This professor is the one who helped me get my thesis approved. I am finding history and economic professors are understanding that things are not right. Maybe they do not necessarily think they should run out and join the libertarian movement, but they are looking around and saying hmmmmmm....
-It is this questioning by academics that will also help our pursuit.

One more reason I am positive people will be coming our way is because they already have they just havent realized it. Look at CO and WA. They voted for the decriminilization of recreation marijuana. Now they will have to spend some time fighting with the feds and eventually get tired of the large government control and vote in smaller government advocates. It is happening, slowly but surely.