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The economics of it

Capitalism works, people know it, and while there are numerous examples of Hitler styled doom and gloom there are examples of success also.

Here you go.

In sixteenth century ventian renaissance, their market was called mercantilism. Big government control in economy with a focus on nationalism. When they first started introducing capitialism by relaxing immigration laws to let the Jewish population come over to participate in CAPITALISM there was push back by the people a little more used to big goverment spending. They almost got their way then there was push back by the Capitalists, and they became the conrtolling monetary policy for a while. Now, this new form of capitalism was a bit more crony capitalism, but since it was new it was a step up from mercantilism.

Now, everyone wants to say, lets quote history for the worst case scenario examples, but I say we can look at other examples also.