Comment: With All Due Respect Political Action

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With All Due Respect Political Action

There are those who feel that right now in 2012 the DP should get behind one candidate for President in 2016.

I personally see many negatives in doing so in the same manner that if I was a betting person and planned to go to a horse race for the triple crown in 2016, I would not be picking my horse right now.

1. I recently said let Amash be Amash. I say the same for Rand. Let Rand be Rand. He has a huge and very important job to do as Senator in a predominately Democratic Senate. I am fascinated in watching how he handles it. In doing so, he IS campaigning for whatever position he goes for next. He may well be needed most in the Senate. We have the opportunity to watch him.

2. To spend all of our time trying to sway people on the DP toward any of the party "labels" or even party "faction" labels at this time causes division and detracts from unity needed to build a support base for all true liberty candidates. Non Republican liberty candidates reach audiences a Republican Only faction does not.

3. The power of the Republican Party is in question as it is in flux. Many changes in ideology (I hope) may be in the short term future.

4. The time is right for gaining detractors from all parties by doing it the Ron Paul way ie talking to "anyone" where there are issues that appeal and unite. This is not facilitated at this time by a one party/one candidate fixation.

5. We live in a very strange world where things are happening fast. We have to be ready for the wind to blow in such a direction that new options (black swans...good ones) emerge.

And last, but not least it is not Michael's objective to become the Daily Anyone and it has become tiresome for many of us to have this constant and often only skimming the surface "my candidate not yours" attitude. Just my opinion, but I have a feeling, based on what he has said before, that while RP advocates working within the Republican Party, he would not at this point advocate turning people off by cramming Rep Party down their throats. I don't even think he would feel that at this point in the "game" it is even in Rand's best interest. You run the risk of gaining support for Rand at the same time as you loose support for him. Wouldn't it be better to laud and spread his accomplishments as Senator to the high hilt?

I am not idealistic...I am realistic.