Comment: Granted, the world isn't coming to an end... yet

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Granted, the world isn't coming to an end... yet

Granted, the world isn't coming to an end... Yet. But your dictator is in charge, already :

Not exclusively, but I agree with two main things in this thread :

1. the positivity of your post

2. Road Runner's comments

Lately, as far as awareness is concerned, I post or comment on two main vectors to regain, reinstate Liberty, and freedoms the day after tomorrow, because tomorrow isn't going to be pretty when the sheeple decides to be accomplice of The State or to join the angry mob for loots. Here they are :



My point :

keep your network of constitutionalists alive with everybody who has skills about producing food, energy, and/or who has silver to trade with you.

Dear wife and I are studying everything solar currently, besides the classic prepper stuff with stockpiles, etc. Otherwise, I'm in I.T. which might still be helpful during tomorrow's harsh times coming.

Strictly political solutions will by no means be sufficient.

Preserving chances for sound currency and honest economics, thru self reliant people, the antithesis of socialism, communism, or global planning, will be everything to save us, you, I, our families.


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