Comment: I'm not at all threatened. I'm insulted.

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I'm not at all threatened. I'm insulted.

You could form a "limited government" and have all it's safety in a state of anarchy... You just wouldn't be allowed to use your guns to force others to comply.


Anarchy: 1.a state of society without government or law.

I want law, government, and law enforcement. I want to meet injustice with force. I'll be happy to use my guns to "force somebody to comply" when they're trying to take my liberty.

"Do you believe that a government should receive the consent of the governed?"

We should have elect representatives, limited in their authority, and acting from the lowest level that authority can; township, county, state, Federal, so we can vote with our legs, and see the world change as we move through it rather than living in one giant Fascist authoritarian state.