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Most Constructive/Positive Observations I've Heard Today

And, I wanted (and hope I did) outline to others that you have a vital perspective because of your age, your academic pursuits, your observations and your direction. You sure didn't let me have integrity, conviction and the knowledge/observations to back it up. You also represent the lower to mid-range of the age demographic that can be the most influential in the coming elections.

There is a huge opportunity within that demographic as far as unity. We all hope Ron Paul goes to college campuses speaking. It will be impactful. But he is only one man and he is on his last leg of the journey in a society that seldom reveres the elders...that has little respect for the wisdom/knowledge curve that can come from decades of experience. Why? Well the sad truth is that few have gained that kind of wisdom. We don't have that many "elders" who can even approximate being worthy of that kind of respect. Yet another society down the road will have that and your generation has the potential to usher in such drastic and necessary changes that would lead to evolvement benefiting all.

I am 64. My generation screwed up. WE had our little "Love not War" movement and it was all-consuming and a lot of fun. We even got to recognize that it just isn't right for anyone to be forced to sit in the back of a bus. Not great earmarks that those two issues would even be necessary in a supposedly advanced society. In fact, I am sure from your studies you would agree that we lost ground as our interest level, morals and IQs overall dropped like lead balloons. As a society, we are in decline.

What I would LOVE to see is the educated, thinking, well-read and motivated from your generation starting a "relevant...not 60ish" movement. Not affiliated with any party. Relatively impervious by its very nature to political party tactics. Knowledgeable about the economic issues and committed to a market offering the opportunity for individual success, aware of who we are killing and based upon what lies, vehemently against senseless capitalistic wars, etc. The power in the numbers and global support could well be overwhelming.

I wish I could be more succinct. Hope you get my drift. I would certainly support such a movement. Your are YOUR future.