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Instead of Looking "For" Nefarious

ulterior motives by some elite monster under the bed, is it possible to look at human nature behind the step up from mercantilism to capitalism, the drive and the reason, the over-stepping and the need for correction?

I can get into "evil elites"...even go Bilderberger, CFR, scary predictive documents like The Elders of Zion LOL.. and a lot of other monsters under the bed with the best of them. However, I tend to think that human nature at this point in our development contains a selfish drive toward power and gain, even if illicit gain. Given that, the trend would be the same. Don't even need monsters under the bed.

For that reason, I have come to a place where all the above monsters seems to be a diversion and counter-productive. It hardly matters what kernel of truth is contained in "those" theories. Even if their is a multi-generational evil plan, the point should be that we counter it. Not look for "worst case scenarios" but instead look at the human motivators and the best from past systems...the corrections that can be made. The continuum that is and will be part of history as we try to work in the direction of free markets?

So, my point is from mercantilism to out of control corporate capitalism (fascism, whatever you want to call it) do you ever think in terms of economic "corrections" and realistic transitions that, I guess, might be called "the correcting time" ... Any thoughts?