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First of all..

I love that you understand what I am saying. The monsters under the bed have been there and always will be there, but we just cannot be afraid of them. Even more importantly, we need to not focus on them.

As far as "market corrections," I am kinda in a tough spot with that. Because when the change went from mercantilism to capitalism (kinda capitalism, better than what they had capitalism) the government was the one pushing for it by relaxing immigration laws to let Jewish people come over and promote capitalism. The rich people pushed back, but it was the everyday people that pushed back against the pushing of the rich people. So, when Capitalism came to be the name of the game, it still had it's flaws... I am in the midst of research about how those flaws were corrected. The issue is you do not want to try to "force" a market a certain way with corrections, however you do have to correct a market that is incorrect. So, Fonta, you have found me in the middle of my research, and I am pile high in books, and I will let you know where I go from here with that idea.

I do think the biggest challenge we have a head is to stop screaming doom and gloom and Hitler is coming! And of course like I have said to you quite a few times, we need to embrace each other and look for solutions.

I feel like some people are taking this Hitler is coming to get us thing too far, and even if we go over the fiscal cliff tomorrow it is in our hands to build things back up. We can only do that if we are rational and educated on the issues.