Comment: So, I assume you don't believe in the supernatural?

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So, I assume you don't believe in the supernatural?

Ron Paul believes in witchcraft. Either that or he's a liar because he has said he believes the Bible. The Bible teaches that Satan, sorcery, and witchcraft are real. If you only want non-religious candidates, join the Libertarian Party. Oops. I forgot. Gary Johnson is a Lutheran.

I agree with you on Neoconservatism. But, none of the people you mentioned are Trotskyites, although, Perry's stupidity on foreign policy would make him an easy tool for Neocons. Supporting the Iraq War? Just because someone supported the Iraq War does not automatically make them a Neocon. My family at first supported the Iraq War (We don't any more.) and my parents had never even heard of Neoconservatism. I'm guessing you don't think too highly of Rand Paul either then. Maybe you might can help We Are Change and Code Pink get together and start a party. They seem to think anyone who isn't a pacifist is a Neocon.