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Comment: this is how i see it

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this is how i see it

No the end of the world is not coming, that comes with the end of out sun...billions more years to go. what you are seeing is a prize in the sky, World domination. And everyone wants a piece of that pie. You have our European Elite, The Chinese Elite and Russia all watching the events to unfold to grab much of that piece in order to have world domination. Truth is we don't know what USA has in store for us, but we certainly can tell the Chinese and Russians are Training for something BIG to fight for.

We all need to understand that unless we have a reform on our Foreign Policy there will be casualties as a result of occupying these countries in the name of...oil?

so no the world will not come to its end, but there will certainly be a burning scar on human existence far bigger than in WW2.

my question is do you stand by and do nothing? or get involved and FIGHT BACK!

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?