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i like your post

but this is far from reality in today's society. NOTE The opposite of Love is not Hate, The opposite of Love is Boring. When something is boring you dont care for it, it does not stimulate you. you can care less about it. Hate is an intense emotion and so is Love. This is why every guy asks "why does she like him, he is an asshole and yet she keeps running after him over and over again. doesnt she get it by now?"

well yeah he is, but no she is not stupid. She is simply going with her instincts. He provides the Emotion, she responds. The way of the Jungle.

truth is men are able to find attraction in women by looks, women find attraction in men through their Behavior. I DONT CARE HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE OR GOOD LOOKING YOU ARE, If your behavior isnt a super happy fun positive one, then a woman is going to pick up on it and Reject you. sorry thats the way the world works.

funny thing is if a woman find a mans social behavior attractive, then your looks, money, job, etc. doesnt really matter at all. all that matters is your vibe, then you can be the one who runs away before getting married ;)

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?