Comment: I have a big question for DPers

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I have a big question for DPers

So in history you have the Catholic church prosecuting witches, witchcraft, fairy tales - which according to occultists were really all just members of old school occult bloodline religion.

But then there's evidence the Roman church was itself an agent of occult brothers.

So which is it? Are there multiple factions of these guys? Or was the Roman church just asserting its central authority over these matters.

Also, you have the Baconian New Atlantis conspiracy founding America. On the other side you have the Prussian illuminati/Rothschild/royal families faction.

Then what about the Round Table groups?

That's not to say any of these theories are accurate, but if any of them are which are? Are there multiple factions of nutso's running history?

Anyway, just want to hear y'all input.

I will say this: Freemasonry is bad and a problem because it is part of the tradition of ALCHEMY. Alchemy is best exemplified by turning lead to gold, but that's just a metaphor for turning man into his divine self.

However, THAT'S just a metaphor, from my reading of it, for subverting mortal man to the rule of the divine messiah - the individual we commonly know as anti-christ. And THAT is nothing but a metaphor for the overthrow of God.

There's a lot to this, for example 'overthrow of God' means a lot, including: man controlling all and everything (central state with specific agenda of progress vs. letting people just live out their own personal destinies - or, forcing everyone to live under a false consciousness, through ritualistic self sacrifices, immorality for example, rather than just seek plenty and goodness in life), and the spiritual 'release' from reality - embracing lust, worshiping death and the dead, pure nihilism.

Anyway, it's sort of crude, I think, to call 'luciferianism' 'satanism' but it basically, well, it is. These occultists, INCLUDING the Freemasons are dedicated to basic alchemy, creating the divine man, which is all outward layers (not even opaque) for overthrowing God.

And don't we want to become perfected and divine? Well, this is why the Bible says to be perfect IN Christ, and why salvation is THROUGH Christ. Because to reject reality is to reject life. Life is that union of constraint and possibility. Only by trusting that ultimate truth, ultimate answers, ultimate power lies in the hands of a God who is beyond and above and better than us, but whom we understand would condescend to die for us, can we survive in this life while also living justly and truly.

I'm not any kind of evangelical Christian, but I look at the Bible and I find a clear alternative to and denunciation of mystery religion and what it preaches.