Comment: I used to subscribe to Reason

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I used to subscribe to Reason

I used to subscribe to Reason when I was a Libertarian. I thought they had good articles but I wasn't a die hard fan. I started moving away from the idea of the Libertarian party being the answer to my complaints about government and society because I began to perceive the organization as an ineffective debate club of ivory-tower purists. I don't want to debate about Utopia but I want to be a part of realistic change. Enter Ron Paul's bid in 07 I got so excited and addicted! I thought Reason would be right there front and center covering this historic groundswell of libertarian support -WRONG! I couldn't believe their negative and holier than thou attitude. They along with CATO were actually working against the RP movement. That is when I knew what losers they are. They are all a bunch of ivory tower purists. Their die-hard readers are the part of the libertarians that support Gary Johnson over RP. Reason made sure to be on the front line of re-hashing the newletter B.S., which, as libertarians should have been read in context without resorting to all this new-age PC police crap. They have done a total of 0 for our r3volution - they added nothing and did not further the cause 1 iota. Our people did it all in spite of those ivory tower philosophers. I will never buy that magazine again and I try not to click over to any of their articles anymore. Even Dougherty's articles on RP I found to be only okay-very disappointing.