Comment: Yay!!!!

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...eventually BOTH parties will be pro-homosexual haters of the Creator!!!

Bring on the Romans 1 judgement ... YAY!!!

UNBELIEVABLE ... you go fight that war on your own against the "old guard" and their sucky "social policy positions"...

I'll drop my moral principles when Dr. Ron Paul does - just to "get the vote"!!!

I did NOT derive from my beliefs that adherence to the General Principles of Christianity are GOOD for a free society from a POLITICAL PARTY, but from actual life experience and self-education...we're going to "add virtue and excellence" to our free society by lauding homosexual behavior as pro-liberty, and tolerance for what God calls "abomination" GOOD and acceptable?

This is all a bad cartoon about our nation going "progressive", and the way of God-less Europe ... enjoy; I'll remain on the "narrow path" - go ahead and mock me, then burn me at the stake!

What a JOKE!