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By talking about Ron Paul's

By talking about Ron Paul's endorsements, you are employing a ploy of distraction from the issue at hand. That's a red flag that you don't have anything of substance to put forth because you aren't addressing the issue I raised.

Rand betrayed me and the rest of us that worked our butts off to get his father elected *while his father was still running.* Rand made advertisements saying "no compromise," etc. Well, the liberty movement funded those advertisements, not Mitt Romney. So, tell me: who does Rand really work for? Well, he told us who his master was when he campaigned and worked for Mitt Romney: a man that represents the utter antithesis of liberty.

Any other story is just some kind of propaganda ploy as far as I'm concerned. Running around trying to cover up a clear mistake with more BS is just going to make people more mad; and please trust me when I say that I'm not the only one who thinks about the situation like this. Go talk to people. They aren't happy and have withdrawn support. The sooner Rand acknowledges the magnitude of the hole he has dug for himself, the better his chances are for any recovery.

He can't just brush it under the rug. It was too big of a mistake.