Comment: I find very saddening

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I find very saddening

I find very saddening that so many of us fall so easily in the very amoral, intellectually fallacious VERY TRAP laid down by this sickening perverted (so called- ) medical intelligentsia...

The point isn't to debate or rationalize on whether pedophilia is comparable in any way to the same roots for homosexuality.

Whether I find homosexuality immoral, harmful, or both, or none is irrelevant ... since it doesn't imply either my endorsement or condemning or wish to coerce people against it, per the fundamental recognition it is either sin or a benign matter between consenting ADULTS.

I won't state what I think of the latter, as it is uninteresting and more importantly... inappropriate and would-be implicit acceptance of the argument with The Devil, so to speak.

That FILTH of humanity mentioned in the OP's post is rationalizing about abusing OUR kids via their deviant animal instincts and calling it a matter of "preference".

Denounce the TRUE infamy and horror.

I just wish these "doctors", them SCUM of Earth, would have a chance to get a THOROUGH taste of what their own claims is about, and when they are at their lowest hormonal levels.


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