Comment: you can listen to his whole post election show

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you can listen to his whole post election show

He basically goes on about taking the Republican party back from the neocons and puts any success they had down to 'tea party conservatives' which he says the media and the establishment like to malign. He champions Marco Rubio and Rand Paul as true conservatives and mocks Jeb Bush's attempts at trying to light a fire for 2016. He also wants to throw-out John Boehner and replace him with someone who knows how to champion conservative values to the public and not fold as easily as Levin thinks he did on the recent tax hikes issue.

He does not mention Ron Paul once which I thought was telling though he may have in his more recent show.

I don't listen to Levin usually but from reading The DP, I seem to remember Levin balking at the idea of Ron Paul as candidate throughout the election process on account of his foreign policy ideas. Levin's idea of a conservative foreign policy presumably is bombing the shit out of Iran. He seems to agree with the neocons in that regard.

BTW, if any of you know Republicans who like Ron Paul apart from his foreign policy, do show them this video. It was made for them: