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Oh name calling, just like a true commie.

That is a complete misquote! Infowars interview @ 21:00 GJ states "I accept that it is happening? I accept that it is man-made? I'M OPPOSED TO CAP & TRADE. I THINK IT WOULD DEVESTATING TO THE ECONOMY. I think the best indicator of good environment is good economy. We as consumers are demanding less carbon emissions (TRUE?). We're getting less carbon emissions (TRUE?). We're getting more conservation which you and I are all engaged in. So moving forward uh, look, good economy, good environment, don't enact Cap & Trade, it would be a whole lot of money raised with no benefit whatsoever to the environment." UNQUOTE!!! There's nothing I despise more than a deceptive communist punk!
The next part of your supposed quote is from the follow up question!
Which was "Now how is the public demanding, (um, uh) minimal emissions? I think I heard you say a second ago,,,the people are demanding it, how so?"
And by the way "scrub your coal" refers to clean burning coal processing, which if you didn't know is more environmentally friendly than natural gas!
You're not radically Ron Paul, you're radically RED AND YELLOW!