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Generalized Response to This Petition

LoL ...

From the current page of the Drudge Report, one can see the whole mess of this concocted creation of global bankers beginning to unravel with its ugly consequences. Why do you think Microsoft bought financially questionable Skype? I don't think their motive was profit. LoL ... Microsoft was probably asked by governmental authorities to buy Skype because the encryption and distributed nature of Skype was a problem for authorities bent on tracking everyone. What's the term for governments working in league with corporations again...? ;)

Look at the "warm" welcome that Merkel received on arrival in Portugal. What are the real facts underpinning the cover story of a roasting Petraeus? Look at the number of states submitting petitions to secede from the union and the skyrocketing sales of guns. Look at the price of a gallon of gasoline at $6.50 in Florida. Look at the continuing misery of folks in the NE USA after a relatively minor hurricane such as Sandy.

Both the nation and the world are a mess. The immediate outlook isn't too rosy.