Comment: Illuminati & Mason Conspiracy the 1770-1830 equivalent of today

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Illuminati & Mason Conspiracy the 1770-1830 equivalent of today

Illuminati was a real group along with several other similar groups mentioned by the founding fathers and other media at that time. The only thing legendary about them is how large they were, if they still exist, in another form, who were behind them, etc.

They were a real group and seem to be proto-communists, proto-zionists. You can read historic documents and books about them from 200+ years ago.

They also were related to the masons, and there was also a verified mason conspiracy in the 1830s that led to the anti-mason party, which one of our presidents even participated in and wrote a book on the subject. Before that, the illumanti were viewed as real, but no longer existing,and the mason connection was just "conspiracy theory", until it popped out in a murder case and coverup. Well documented.

So from 1770 or so to 1830s, the Illuminati and Mason conspiracy was for that time what you see today online for other things. It was a real conspiracy, involving real documented groups and murders - and took awhile to get out.

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