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Not really.

Homosexuality may have been found in nature, but it never produced an offspring, and never will. It's not part of the natural order of things. As far as the Bible is concerned, many of our federal, state, and local laws are based upon Biblical principles. There are punishments for murder, theft, and adultery, among other things. No, I don't believe in theocracy, because no church should run the government. That's what we got away from when we had the American Revolution. All British citizens were required to be members of the Church of England. However, freedom of religion doesn't mean freedom FROM religion, and I don't object to judges posting the Ten Commandments in their courthouses (freedom of speech as well). As a Christian, I object to atheistic and satanic values being imposed upon the populace by legal decree. This is exactly what same sex marriage is, and imposing it amounts to government mandated acceptance of homosexuality, as well as atheists and satanists imposing their values on us.