Comment: Well, you made ... some ..

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Well, you made ... some ..

.. noise.

You lost me at 'He lost, so therefore he wouldn't have won'

whut?? lol man

There were a couple of things in there are pretty much truisms at this point ('American's can't articulate / don't know shit' etc)

But other than that? Nah. Your conclusions are daft imo.

I think if we had anything close to a reasonable functioning democratic system with a free press that was not brainwashing people, he would have blown away Obama in a sweeping tsnuami that would have made Fujitsu look like a ripple in a kiddie pool.

And btw:

Big props for recognizing Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Ford, and Bush Sr. for the manly, muscle-ripped, hunks of GQ stud muffins they actually were.

Somebody had to do it.