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I find it amusing that you

I find it amusing that you think the GOP is going down. All they're going to do is adjust their plans a little bit and they'll be right back on track.

They have too much power, and a DPer more than anybody should know by now how much strong arming the GOP can do to get their way. Third parties have a bright future, but that's if we continue our current path in commandeering the ship.

Either this next year and a half we up our game and take more positions on a vulnerable Republican Party. Or we play these third party games that have the laws completely stacked against them, while the Republican Party gets taken over by more pro-NWO cronies.

Good luck to whatever you do. But if you are going to play the third party game, go do it. We have too many armchair activists in this movement who just want to vote for Liberty instead of being the candidate.