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I was eating at the time.

I was eating at the time. Probably not the healthiest diet but I did eat. It was not the caffine because I just recently cut my 4 cup a day coffee habit.

You are not grasping the gravity of my situation. My hands were paralyzed. I had uncontrollable spasms in my hands and lower arms. This is a serious incapacitation. I was a perfectly healthy person all my life until I drank the diet coke.

Introduce Diet Coke into my diet....paralysis, uncontrolled spasms, joint pain up and down my body. Quit Diet Coke....completely back to normal. According to a chemist, my central nervous system was effected.

Are you a chemist? Have you personally worked with aspartame in the lab? Are you speaking from first hand experience. Ask any honest chemist about aspartame and they will give you the true scoop on this poison.

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