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I know a few honest chemists

And have also read plenty of journals. There are no clinical studies which suggest aspartame in small doses is harmful. Please provide some, if you have them.

It is possible that you might have a special reaction to it, or you might be reacting to the overdose of phosphoric acid, or allergic to any of the many ingredients in diet coke.

Humans are very susceptible to seeing patterns which aren't actually there, which is why you see a study in the paper one day which says that eggs cause diabetes, and the very next day another study in the paper says that eggs protect against diabetes. The bias of the observer influences the conclusion. The fact that you refer to aspartame as "this poison" makes it obvious which sort of bias you subscribe to.

Friend-of-a-friend credibility will only get you so far. You need the science to back up your claims of toxic aspartame.