Comment: It's no more Treason

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It's no more Treason

Than commenting on Daily Paul. You are already part of the rebellion my friend. Just by being HERE! Haha. Too bad. Take a stand. You don't have to do or not do anything these days to get screwed by our wonderful, paranoid government. BUT really, I personally don't think these petitions are real. If a state wants to secede it will do so WITHOUT petitioning Washington. It will do it the same way states pass state laws like legalizing booze in dry counties etc. Door to door on the ground foot work by people devoted to a cause. Wouldn't surprise me if the feds aren't the ones behind this crap just to get names of folks that don't like them. Nothing Obombya does surprises me anymore. Read his executive orders so far, just to name a few Peace. Hah!