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Comment: Sodomites are swimming in filth

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Sodomites are swimming in filth

and disease. In Denver some years ago a catering service run by sodomites spread hepatitis into the general population. They were using their hands to drizzle icing onto pastries. It happened during the Christmas season. The governor of Colorado went to one of the parties catered by these guys, and he had to get a shot to prevent himself from getting the disease. A lot of Denver socialites paraded through their doctor's offices that December, for a painful jab to the rear, much to everyone's amusement. A registered nurse there told my spouse that literally all of the hep outbreaks were caused by sodomites, and she said that she could only speak that truth quietly because it's politically incorrect and she would lose her job if the wrong person heard. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Consent doesn't make a behavior morally neutral. Consent doesn't create the standard of right and wrong. Sodomy is wrong even if two consenting adults do it. Society is right to want to keep sodomy socially unacceptable and in the closet so that it won't spread like it's doing. Not having a law against sodomy doesn't preclude society from disapproving and shaming it to keep a lid on it.