Comment: Wish I could just write the whole thing off too

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Wish I could just write the whole thing off too

Talk about conflicted. Yanno I have no problem with a good man making good money. But somewhere around the middle of this campaign, given the projects I was working on, I began to feel as though this great unseen hand was moving against us.

And that hand, at the surface, turned out to be Jesse Benton. Here we are donating money and doing events and Benton is back there telling our guests and speakers "hey don't participate with those guys, they are fringers".

In other words, thanks for the money, here's a kick in the teeth.

I can forgive mistakes, I understand miscalculations and differences of opinion. But to be actively taken down while we're donating the fuel for the fires of liberty? Sorry but that SOOOOOOOOOOOO crosses the line. A highly public apology and act of contrition might--just might turn my judgement. If it was just me. But these people didn't just hurt me, they hurt my friends. My people. You people. I'm not sure I'm ever gonna be "over" this one.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.