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Comment: My parents might agree with

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My parents might agree with

My parents might agree with Rand's political positions but cannot stomach his approach. This was similar with Ron at first because they had some large misconceptions about his positions. Rand was in agreement with Iranian sanctions, which indicates to me that he and some of the liberty candidates are influenced by the neoconservative thinking. Rand talks about social issues in a way that is good politics to the social conservatives but bad politics to everyone else. My parents do believe in government regulations and are generally weary of American capitalism because they view government as a solution and not a problem. So they disagree with the same positions Ron Paul has, but view him as a "good republican" probably because he is straightforward and because I have been able to explain his goals within the republican party. They would like to see a reform in the republican party, as would I, and Ron's politics have led the party in a positive direction. I'll wait and see with Rand, but I do not feel like defending his politics because frankly, I do not agree with his approach.

My mother especially likes redistribution to the poor and immigrants. I could explain that her viewpoint of Ron was a straw man and that Ron cares about the poor and immigrants. The foreign aid discussion was also difficult as I had to first explain how the money does not trickle down to the poor in those countries. Many democrats really just want to help the poor and view government as a tool to redistribute wealth to the poor. She was also responsive to my explanation about how private organizations are more effective than bureaucrats at doing this. My father used to be a republican and gets very opinionated. He would be the type to say that the republican party left him. Many democrats do not like the neoconservatives as is the case with my parents, but do believe in government. They do not view size as a problem but quality of governance. They view the republicans as very poor governors. So I generally agree.