Comment: When men and women formed partnerships

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When men and women formed partnerships

for survival, happiness, and to pass their seed on to the next version of their world, many humans who reached sexual maturity made their own choices about how, who, and when to form partnerships in life, subsistence, companionship, and yes, even pleasure. The arbitrary placement of age restrictions upon human beings declaring how and at what age they may decide between themselves to be a party to such partnerships is antithetical to basic human, INDIVIDUAL free will and exposes people to punishment by groups of others who claim to be 'protecting' them when, in fact, what may be occurring is the destruction of a partnership and the theft of money, reputation, and or liberty from HUMAN BEINGS who made a choice for themselves and tried to live their lives for the best possible fulfillment of their own needs and wants. Placing these people into groups according to the moment they happened to be born and treating them all equally is not justice, it's cookie cutter control for control's sake.

Peace, love, understanding, compassion.

Let's love and hate one person at a time and stop pretending that others victimize us by choosing what they want for themselves. Will mistakes be made, and bad partnerships fail and come apart? YES! But, that happens between and among humans of any and all ages.

One person, one case at a time. NEVER ignore the wishes of any person who is able to clearly indicate what they want for themselves in order to be happy!

Or, inevitably, YOU will be the one who is the target of the next 'one-size-fits-all' glove of 'standards of behavior' for INDIVIDUALS who are a certain age, shape, gender or belief.

the Golden Rule. Please, please, let's use it and be humane in our treatment of ALL our fellows, one HUMAN at a time.

Thank You!!!!

Lakeport Viper

'Live for yourself, there's no one else more worth living for,
Begging hands and bleeding hearts
Will only cry out for more...'